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Vanifera Shaleron Sela Adu is an attractive young woman with a loving boyfriend and a great career as a nurse. Suddenly, her life is turned upside down and the world of the supernatural unfolds in front of her.  She learns that ghosts, gods, demons and angels are real, and that an ageless war has been reignited, one where she is the central focus! The gods of old wish to reclaim their rule of the universe and have declared war on the omnipotent God and his angels. As the conflict escalates, Vanifera learns she is the begotten daughter of God that has been merged with a destructive monster known as The Gaian. She also learns that God has a destructive counterpart, the malevolent being known as the Vul Paux whose unwavering desire is the destruction of all that is. Cosmic truths begin to unfold that lead Vanifera into a battle to save not only herself, but those she loves as well as the rest of creation! 


What would you do if you lost your basic constitutional rights?

Twenty five years after the United States' Affirmative Action Policy is ruled unconstitutional, a new nation emerges in Africa, one that is populated and governed solely by Black people. The African Union of New Kemet, or AUNK, becomes an economic and political superpower with clout equal to the industrialized nations of the world. However, back in America, Blacks and other minorities are reduced to indentured servants and forced slavery is re-instituted. When a virus more lethal than Ebola is released on the populace of AUNK, the proud nation determines that terrorism is involved and all fingers are pointing toward one country, the United States of America. War becomes eminent and the entire world begins to choose sides.

As the lines are drawn, there is only one thing that can stop this conflict from reaching the boiling point, finding the antidote. A young man named Mbaku Bolo, a spy and an assassin by trade, is sent to find the cure that could put an end to the conflict that threatens to tear his country apart. But, during his quest he discovers that not everything is as it seems and that there are forces at work that are deadlier than the virus could ever be.


Aliens called The Zetans have taken over the Earth. Mankind is now their slaves! However, one man dares to stand against the massive might of the Zetans, the Earth Federation's military forces and the hatred of a woman he once loved! Major James Blackmon, better know by his criminal name of Black James, was once an elite member of the Earth Federation's military! Upon learning about the Zetans and how they have infiltrated various levels of government, the military and society, he is one of many who fight to free humanity from the evil clutches of the nefarious Zetans! Aided by his lovely A.I. named Deza-Rai, along with a band of galactic warriors, this determined soldier leads a crusade that could ultimately be humanity's last hope! Can he stay alive long enough to accomplish his mission or will he fall to the Zetans' unscrupulous campaign?


They are the line in the sand! They do not run and they do not surrender! They fight until there is no fight left! They are the warriors of F.A.T.H.E.R.

Extraterrestrials and Ultraterrestrials are among us! The Orphum, (a race of Elves, Fairies, Goblins, Ogres, etc…) have teamed up with The Maltese (a race of pale wraith-like creatures) and the Flaxx (a reptilian race of shape-shifters) in order to carry out a single eliminate all of humanity. Now the members of The Ministry, S.O.U.L., The Trinity and The Altars have joined forces in order to form a magnificent fighting unit, the Federation Against Terrorism and Hazardous Extraterrestrial Responses (F.A.T.H.E.R.). These elite warriors now prepare to combat these threatening menaces. However, an even greater threat looms on the horizon. A cosmically powerful being called The Emperor, the embodiment of a living black hole, moves to deliver the final blow and extinguish all life in the galaxy by devouring the sun. With seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against them, can this finely tuned fighting force defeat such an enormous threat?


At the beginning of the twentieth century, a bustling city in Kansas suddenly disappeared, and with it ten thousand Black Americans along with people from other races who came to this city seeking refuge from the racial tensions of the time. The city was called Astra. Teleported to another planet in space, the people created a utopian society free from racial prejudice and discrimination. Now, over one-hundred years later, the city is under siege by a threat that could wipe out their entire civilization. Their only hope is a teenager named Mon'Tel Zumi, who has been imbued with the power of an ancient god...a chrome colossus called The Mighty O-Gun! Can this new savior and defender of Astra stop this menace, or is this the beginning of an even greater threat?


The planet Earth is a sentient cosmic being, capable of thought and possessing a soul. When the Earth finally loses it's patience  with humanity after having endured a millennia of abuse, she creates antibodies to deal with what she now considers to be a cancerous threat to her existence. Constructing a race of beings known as the Agaro, the Earth sends them to destroy and replace humanity. In the years following their initial onslaught, Doctor June Lavolier creates a floating city called Skytropolis that acts as a protective fortress and an ark in the event of an extinction level event. When the ghoulish Agaro attack this stronghold, Doctor Lavolier's children, Malcolm and Nefertiti, along with her nephew, Dante, are chosen to be the defenders of Skytropolis. Donned in bio-mechanical suits, the trio set out to save their mother and the people of their beloved city. However, when a secret about their lives is reveal, will it tear their family apart and destroy whatever hope humanity has to stay alive?

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