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You're lying in bed next to your lover. You turn to them and begin reading something so erotic that they strip you bare and the two of you experience the best sex you've ever had.

Entice Me is a collection of eleven delicious stories about men and women indulging in their most sultry and sexually charged fantasies. From one night stands to love making under water, Entice Me will ignite your deepest passions and stretch your sexual dreams to the limit. 

Each story is raw and explicit; untamed lust and forbidden pleasure at its delectable best. Entice Me delivers scintillating escapades that tease and tantalize, making you weak at the knees. Let your imagination drift as you immerse yourself in each guiltless adventure. 

Come, and be enticed!

Entice Me!


A must have for Afro-erotica fans. Three seductively scary stories about respect, validation and toe-pointing sex that will leave you breathing heavily for more than one reason. Feel the chill of fright and the simmering warmth of desire bathe you in lustful encounters that are certain to send a tingle up your spine. 

Valerie Jones is a divorcee struggling to deal with loneliness and low self-esteem. When her neighbor, Joseph Count, catches her peeking at him through her bedroom window he checks on her to ensure she is okay. What they discover is a mutual attraction that leads to Joseph revealing a very unnerving secret about himself. Caught in passion’s powerful grip, can Valerie find the love and respect she deserves or will Joseph be the end of her? 

When a beautiful woman visits a dying man in the hospital, she informs him she is Death who has come to take his soul. When he gives her his last request he exposes the Grim Reaper to an experience she has never known before. 

When Lamar Benson breaks the heart of a woman who loves him, he must face the wrath of three female specters that show him the sins he and other men have committed against the women who loved them. But will these visions of his past, present and future cause Lamar to change his ways or condemn him to eternal damnation?

The Darker Side of Chocolate

The second book in the Kitty Wu Series 

It is a time of socialism. The capitalistic ideology of the United States has been reduced to footnotes in history. Once the shining light of democracy, America has become a union of cities where the citizens have been reduced to emotionless drones. However, there are those who choose to live outside this world of enslavement. They are called Gypsies. 

Now faced with the prospect of war against the republic after the assault and murder of some of her friends, Kitty Wu prepares for the battle of her life when her former benefactor, Mayor Elka Weinhauer, declares war on the Gypsies. As she strips away the layers behind Elka's true plan, will the price for freedom force Kitty to sacrifice more than she is wiling to pay?

Curse of the Black Lotus

You are now my property!

What if you lost your basic constitutional rights?

Twenty five years after the Affirmative Action Policy is ruled unconstitutional, a new nation emerges in Africa, one that is populated and governed solely by Black people. The African Union of New Kemet, or AUNK, becomes an economic and political superpower with clout equal to the industrialized nations of the world. However, back in America, Blacks are reduced to indentured servants and forced slavery is re-instituted. When a virus more lethal than Ebola is released on the populace of AUNK, the proud nation determines that terrorism is involved and all fingers are pointing toward one country, the United States of America. War becomes eminent and the entire world begins to choose sides.

As the lines are drawn, there is only one thing that can stop this conflict from reaching the boiling point, finding the antidote. A young man named Mbaku Bolo, a spy and an assassin by trade, is sent to find the cure that could put an end to the conflict that threatens to tear his country apart. But, during his quest he discovers that not everything is as it seems and that there are forces at work that are deadlier than the virus could ever be.


Ever wonder about those sexual encounters that you can't quite figure out how they even happened in the first place? Were they coincidences or fate? One thing is certain. These experiences change our lives, and when they happen during the holiday season the experience is even more magical. 

The Christmas Cabin
When their car skids off the road, a couple whose relationship is on the fritz come across a mysterious cabin where they rediscover what they loved most about each other. 

Open Arms
Stuck in Korea for Christmas, two soldiers share a dinner as well as a whole lot more. 

Make Me Forget
A woman betrayed by her husband goes to the beach in order to escape her pain, only to find a biker who gives her a night worth remembering. 

One for the Road
When a woman’s husband is wanted for a crime he didn't commit, she manages to have one last night of passion with him before he turns himself in. 

Mistletoe Delights

What will you sacrifice for love?Mocha Heat is a timeless tale of love and loss, betrayal and fate. Reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet or Tristan and Isolde, Mocha Heat is the passionate, erotic tale of two lovers, Stacey and Donavan, who find unrestrained love and desire in each other’s arms while everything around them attempts to keep them apart. Committed to separate relationships, the two attempt to suppress their love for one another, trying to do what is right and stay with their respected and perfect companions. However, the more they fight to stay apart, the more intensely their desires burn. When they discover that a terrorist threatens their lives and all that they know, will their love be strong enough to get them through the pain?Mocha Heat is filled with erotic sexual encounters, mind-blowing intrigue and non-stop drama that will have you breathless, excited and anxious for more. Get ready to feel the HEAT!

Mocha Heat

The first book in the Kitty Wu Series. 

What if America became a socialist republic? 

In the new America, citizenship means your every need is cared for. All you have to do is take an emotion-numbing pill and surrender your rights. 
For Kitty Wu, life as a citizen is not for her. Surviving as a prostitute, she hopes to someday leave the sexually taboo world behind. When her primary customer, the vicious Mayor Elka Weinhauer, begins to hurt her friends, Kitty discovers the mayor's actions could not only threaten the lives of those she loves, but the American empire itself.

Mandarin Rose

The final book in the Kitty Wu series. 


Kitty has been pushed as far as she can go. Feeling that the only way she can ensure the safety of those she loves is to remove herself from their lives, she places a gun in her mouth and pulls the trigger. 

All seems lost for the band of Gypsies as Elka puts into motion the final pieces of her plan. Is Kitty really dead? Will Elka become victorious? Is this truly the end or does the band of resisters have one last stand to make?

Less is More

When darkness falls across the land, when the blood moon rises and the night air cools. Those whose names bring chills and dread find lustful hearts to seduce. They yearn to feel love’s passionate heat in hopes of chasing away the cold darkness that consumes their soul. For those lucky enough to cross their path, the gift of ultimate satisfaction awaits, for there is no experience more frightening or fulfilling than being seduced by those who exist in the shadows.

What happens when you mix gothic tales with scintillating passion and hardcore sex? This book, that’s what! No, these aren’t the run of the mill vampire slash werewolf love stories. These are true macabre fantasies at their lustful best.

Divinely Wicked Pleasures contains three erotically haunting stories that blend steaming hot sex with mystical allure. From the shadows of the night, passion abounds in raw, sensuous and vivid detail. Cold hearts are ignited with fiery passion and hollow souls become filled with deep, unbridled desire. Immerse yourself in moon-lit pools of lust and ecstasy, where desire is found amidst the twilight. 

A psychic is possessed by a murdered woman’s spirit who desires to be with her boyfriend one last time. What she reveals will either send him off the deep end or bring the person responsible for her death to justice.

A scientist creates an irresistible sexual Frankenstein and unleashes it on her unsuspecting assistant. Will her assistant enjoy unspeakable passion or expose the very thing that could lead to her mentor’s undoing?

The legendary Sisters of Fate have one night to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. But when they set their sights on a young businessman they soon learn he is more than equipped to give them all they can handle. 

Divinely Wicked Pleasures

Francesca is back in the sequel to Mocha Heat!

After narrowly escaping the F.B.I. and disappearing for over a year, Francesca Del Clair returns. The presumed terrorist is on a mission to hunt down those who are trying to kill her. When an author named Braden Lancer enters her life, Francesca soon learns that her toughest battle isn’t against her enemies, but against her heart. As their adventures take them through the streets of Charleston, will Braden prove to be Francesca’s weakness or her reason to survive?

Palmettos In Moonlight

The third book in the Kitty Wu Series. 

What are you willing to sacrifice for freedom? 

As Elka's diabolical plan begins to take shape, Kitty and her friends find that taking on the powerful Mayor of Portland may be more than they can handle. With her band of followers, Elka flexes her power and begins to make life very uncomfortable for the Gypsies.

However, the band of rebels refuse to surrender and discover that there are powerful people who are willing to fight beside them. But even with the support, will it be enough to stop Elka and her criminal consortium before she executes her nefarious and destructive plan?

With so many lives in dire peril, will Kitty be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to save them?

Lady Dragon