At the beginning of the twentieth century, a bustling city in Kansas suddenly disappeared, and with it ten thousand Black Americans along with people from other races who came to this city seeking refuge from the racial tensions of the time. The city was called Astra. Teleported to another planet in space, the people created a utopian society free from racial prejudice. Now, over a century later, the city is under siege by a threat that could wipe out their entire civilization. Their only hope is a teenager named Mon'Tel Zumi, who has been imbued with the power of an ancient god...The Mighty O-Gun! Can this new savior and defender of Astra stop this menace, or is this the beginning of an even greater threat?



Being a teenager who is granted the power of a god can be overwhelming. How do you weigh the pros and cons of your actions? What are the residual impacts of those actions? These are the questions Mon’Tel Zumi will have to answer if he is to save Astra from an impending attack!



Months after the attack on New Astra by the alien being known as The Mobius, preparations are underway to ensure the city and its inhabitants have the ability to fend off any future invasions. Mon’Tel Zumi, who is also the Chromed Colossus known as O-Gun, undergoes a rigorous training regimen to strengthen his fighting abilities. However, unbeknownst to him and the rest of the Astrans, the Mobius threat was not vanquished and a new assault is underway, one that might prove too much for even the mighty O-Gun to fend off.  

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