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Get ready for a "Naked Summer"

Mad Square has launched it's new summer campaign entitled, "Naked Summer". It will focus on our erotica line of comics, featuring the "Bad Boy of Madness", Alan "Eight Ball" Powers. The campaign includes the erotic flagship comic, Soulless, but will also include two new titles revolving around the personal and professional life of Alan Powers. The first title is Mad Tales of Erotica, which will feature some of the erotic projects Alan has worked on. Readers of the hit erotic comic, Soulless, have asked for a line of comics that focus on some of the movies or shows Alan has worked on in order to get a more well-rounded perspective of the character. The second title is called, Alan Powers Afterhours, which will basically be Alan's off-camera rendezvous with some of his co-stars as well as women who work in other aspects of the adult entertainment industry, not to mention curiosity seekers, fans and friends. These stories don't necessarily fit into the continuity line of the story Soulless, but they do give depth to the enormous influence Alan has had on the industry. The "Naked Summer" campaign is slated to begin in early July starting off with the first volume in the Mad Tales of Erotica series, which is over one hundred pages.


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