Aliens called The Zetans have taken over the Earth. Mankind is now their slaves! However, one man dares to stand against the massive might of the Zetans, the Earth Federation's military forces and the hatred of a woman he once loved! Major James Blackmon, better know by his criminal name of Black James, was once an elite member of the Earth Federation's military! Upon learning about the Zetans and how they have infiltrated various levels of government, the military and society, he is one of many who fight to free humanity from the evil clutches of the nefarious Zetans! Aided by his ship, the Co-Conspirator and his lovely A.I. named Deza-Rai, this lone soldier is humanity's last hope! Can he stay alive long enough to accomplish his mission?



After being saved by Princess Ch’Erri and her Saturnian sisters, Black James and Deza Rai find themselves in the middle of an attempted coup by Chancellor S’Arap and the Saturn military. Discovering her mother, the queen, has been poisoned, Princess Ch’Erri solicits the help of Black James and Deza Rai in an attempt to bring back the cure from the planet Oro before the toxin takes the queen’s life. In addition, the Earth Federation is hot on the captain’s trail. As the trio plot their escape, they discover there’s more going on with the Earth Forces and the Saturnian military than meets the eye!


TON 618

After befriending the celestial named Uranus and overcoming their encounter with the crew of the mighty starship, the Imperial, Black James and his crew head to Makemake hoping to recover the remainder of their crew. However, what they are about to encounter will shake their very foundation.



Black James and Deza-Rai narrowly escaped the Federation forces and managed to flee the earth. However, their ship was damaged in the process. Now injured and stranded on Venus, a lone individual stares from a distance at their ship with extreme interest. What strange and unsettling plans does this individual have for our heroes? Will the harsh planet be too much for the duo to survive?



Having narrowly escaped the Saturnian Army, Black James, Deza Rai and Princess Ch’Erri make their way to Uranus, where the good captain has a second ship with the capacity to get them to the planet Oro faster. There they hope to find an elusive crystal that they believe will cure the Princess’ mother of a very rare and deadly disease. However, the band of fugitives are being chased by Commander Grey of the Earth Federation Forces, who is actually a Zetan in disguise.  Having eluded the Commander’s attempt at capturing them, they arrive on Uranus where they are subdued by an alien being. Has the unlikely crew of misfits finally run out of luck or does the courageous captain have one more trick up his sleeve?

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