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What are  Erotics?


For Mad Square, the term Erotics encompasses a wide range of adult comic entertainment. Digital graphic novels, comics, web comics and illustrated novellas are included in the products we offer. Each title combines engrossing, tantalizing erotica with bold, colorful 3D illustrations that will enhance your reading pleasure! 

Currently, our titles include Soulless, Mad Tales of Erotica, Autumn Blaze and Alan Powers Afterhours.  Explore the wonderful world of Mad Square Erotics and enjoy the ride!

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Alan "8-Ball" Powers is the most successful adult movie star of all time. He's handsome, built, wealthy and makes love to some of the most beautiful women in the world. He's a man who has everything, except for one thing...a soul. Taken by a rogue grim reaper named Whither Jack, Alan finds himself having only one year to unravel a riddle that could lead him to recovering his soul. Unfortunately, not having a soul to guide his moral compass, Alan soon learns that trying to discern what is good or important and what is not isn't so easy, especially in his world of sex, drugs and opulence. Distractions are everywhere and the life he once knew to be a dream quickly becomes nightmarish. Can he pull it together and find a way to recover his soul before he does something he will regret eternally? 
***Warning*** This book contains adult subject matter and may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised!



Mad Tales of Erotica is a crazy roller coaster ride of lust and fantasy. Each story dives into the wondrously imaginative world of erotica featuring the bad boy of Mad Square, Alan Powers.  Anything and everything is possible! From godly rendezvous on rooftops to sultry trysts on the beach to tantalizing ménage à trois in a high rise apartment, nothing is out of bounds!

***Warning*** This book contains adult subject matter and may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised!



Imagine you are the most sought after adult entertainment personality of all time! Now imagine that you've created a multi-billion dollar adult entertainment empire in a world where sex is the preferred form of entertainment. Deeper still, imagine you are a man who has the power to lease each and every woman you sleep with and every rendezvous drives the desires of your lovers crazier and crazier. This is the life of Alan Powers, a man who literally has the world by the balls. These are the stories behind the scenes of Soulless, the stories too numerous to count. 

***Warning*** This book contains adult subject matter and may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised!



Asmodeus, the Fallen Angel of Lust, has escaped Hell and is now on earth in the form of a beautiful and sultry woman named Autumn Blaze, a mesmerizing prostitute who possesses a huge appetite for sex. In order to avoid The Ache, a berserker-like condition that results in murder, she must have sex every forty-eight hours. Residing in Las Vegas, she has managed to stay off the radars of both Heaven and Hell. However, when a client’s actions result in his death, Autumn will soon find that Hell is alive and well on earth and she is standing on ground zero. 

****Warning****This book contains adult subject matter and may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised!



Love is a dangerous game, especially when you aren't playing by the rules. Stacey and Donavan are two star-crossed lovers who try to distance themselves from one another but are inexplicably drawn back to each other, despite the other relationships they have. Their relationship is tested when Stacey takes on the role of investigative journalist in order to hunt down a serial killer that is terrorizing their city. With Donavan as her body guard, what will happen when they come face to face with the murderer? Will their love survive the gripping error when their very lives are at stake? 



Enter the world of Kitty Klaws, a young women caught in the web of life in the Socialist Republic of America. Indentured to the cruel Mayor Elka Weinhauer, Kitty struggles to maintain the peace and balance for the Gypsies, those who no longer desire to live within the comfortable, drug-induced society of the new republic. Force to survive as a prostitute, Kitty endures the harsh treatment of her heinous benefactor. However, things are about to take a change for the worse when the oppressed Gypsies begin to fight for their abused friend. What will happen when things come to blows? Who will survive when the mighty republic and the society of Gypsies clash?

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