The African Union of New Kemet is about to contend with a plot to defame the country and place it in the position of being subjugated. However, there is one person who stands in the way of this happening, a spy and mercenary named Mbaku Bolo.


Pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place. Mbaku Bolo learns about a virus released at the airport as he tries to unravel the mystery behind Katurah Ishtar's arrival in A.U.N.K. But, did the American spy survive the surprise ambush at the docks? Carla Snipes is informed of a heartbreaking truth about the indentured servant that died. Senator Elijah Pollins puts together plans to meet with Reverend Mohammed Aziz. Senator Thomas Thurgood has a surprise meeting with Ramses, the leader of the underground resistance group Exodus. With so much going on, is A.U.N.K. on the precipice of declaring war?


 When Mbaku Bolo is sent to stop a potential heist by the American spy, Katurah Ishtar, in order to prevent an international incident, shadow forces begin to make their move and the results could be the impetus that causes the next world war.


As a deadly virus continues to create panic throughout the nation of A.U.N.K., Mbaku finds himself befriending an unlikely ally, Katurah Ishtar, in hopes of learning more about the viral attack threatens his nation. When an American strike team finds them and attacks, will they be able to make it out allive? Elsewhere, still quarantined inside the airport, Carla Snipes and Constable Al-Shahir share a moment where they confess their feelings. But will their confession come too late? Meanwhile, Senator Thurgood gets a surprising call and Senator Pollins meets with the controversial Revered Mohammad Aziz.



You are now my property!
What if you lost your basic constitutional rights?
Twenty five years after the Affirmative Action Policy is ruled unconstitutional, a new nation emerges in Africa, one that is populated and governed solely by Black people. The African Union of New Kemet, or AUNK, becomes an economic and political superpower with clout equal to the industrialized nations of the world. However, back in America, Blacks are reduced to indentured servants and forced slavery is re-instituted. When a virus more lethal than Ebola is released on the populace of AUNK, the proud nation determines that terrorism is involved and all fingers are pointing toward one country, the United States of America. War becomes eminent and the entire world begins to choose sides.

As the lines are drawn, there is only one thing that can stop this conflict from reaching the boiling point, finding the antidote. A young man named Mbaku Bolo, a spy and an assassin by trade, is sent to find the cure that could put an end to the conflict that threatens to tear his country apart. But, during his quest he discovers that not everything is as it seems and that there are forces at work that are deadlier than the virus could ever be.

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