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During World War II, the Germans created cyborgs that could pass for human in order to infiltrate the United States. Posing as Black Americans, they managed to gather sensitive information and allow the Axis Powers to secure substantial victories. As the war continued, however, the cyborgs began to see the dark future that could potentially happen should Germany win the war. Viewing them as possibly more dangerous than America, the cyborgs changed sides and began filtering information to the Allies, which indirectly led to their victory. Their optimism soon faded when they witnessed the bombing of Japan, bringing the second World War to an end. Shortly thereafter, the cyborgs disappeared. Thought to be decommissioned, the cyborgs continued to function in the shadows. However, a new threat from the residual Nazi empire is about to show their vicious hand and threaten all of humanity. Will this new threat cause the cyborgs to come out of hiding or is the

goal of this version of the Nazi Party planning something more nefarious?


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