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What would you do if you found out your dog could talk? What secrets would he reveal? What gems of knowledge would he drop? Every story has a beginning and you are about to be introduced to the most obnoxious canine of all in this crazy origin story about a dog named Levi and his companion, Kenton.

Mad Square Enterprises presents Evil Levi, a story where a dog, or as he calls himself an Anubian, and his human companion, Kenton, discuss social, political and economic issues that have plagued minorities for decades. Each volume will take a hard, no-nonsense look at Kenton's life as Levi provides his views as only he can. Volume One is his origin story, showing how he was able to gain the gift of human communication. But now that he talks, you might be surprised by some of the things he has to say. It is an eye-opening adventure that dives into the very fabric of the community.

Volume One is available now at!

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