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Mad Square is now on OnlyFans!

For a while now, we've been showing pages from our non-erotic comics to give those who are new to Mad Square's content a chance to sample our products before they buy. Our company uses 3D artwork to compliment the fascinating stories we tell. In the ever-growing and ever-evolving universe of comics, we've enjoyed collaborating with our 3D software partners and creating content that we believe contributes to the next level of story-telling in our industry. Following the lead of many animation studios like Pixar, VFX, Production I.G., etc...we have invested extensively in 3D art and we believe our products contribute to a multi-tiered comic book/graphic novel industry, which includes erotic content.

Until now, we haven't been able to showcase our erotic content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram like we do our other mainstream titles. However, after the booming success of OnlyFans over the past year, we've considered their business model and found it to be compatible with our erotic comic line. We believe partnering with OnlyFans will broaden our exposure as well as allow fans the chance to do just as they've done with our non-erotic comics, checking it out before they buy. So it is with great pride I announce that Mad Square is now on OnlyFans! Enjoy scintillating excerpts from stories like Soulless, Alan Powers Afterhours, Autumn Blaze, Mad Tales of Erotica and more! With this new addition to our social media presence, we can truly continue our quest of providing 4th dimension comics for a 3D world!

Click here to be taken to our OnlyFans page!

The subscription is free, so FOLLOW US!

We appreciate all the support! With your help, we can continue to build on our commitment of publishing new and innovative comics for the future! Cheers!

Mad Square Enterprises

Comics, erotics and more!

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