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Mad Square’s new and recent releases!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Winter is about to sizzle as Mad Square Enterprises releases some of the hottest and most epic digital comics around! Check out these new and recently released titles!

The Magenta Effect Volume 2 - PLAYGROUND OF THE MIND!

Upon awakening inside the mind of a young boy named Nory, Violet Robinson will soon learn she has the power to combat the physical manifestation of the young boy's fears, the villainous and terrifying Bogeyman!

The Paladins of Skytropolis: Volume 4 - CHALLENGE

When a new threat emerges and challenges the paladins to a duel, the team will soon learn if they have what it takes to be considered "The Hope of the Future!"

Mandarin Rose Volume 2 - A TUMULTUOUS RENDEZVOUS!

Kitty is taken to the home of the one person she fears more than anything or anyone…Elka Weinhauer, the mayor of Portland. What devilment will the sinister and abusive Elka have in store for our heroine? How much will Kitty have to endure in order to protect the lives and freedom of The Gysies!

Evil Levi: Volume One - What would you do if you found out your dog could talk? What secrets would he reveal? What gems of knowledge would he drop? Every story has a beginning and you are about to be introduced to the most obnoxious canine of all in this crazy origin story about a dog named Levi and his companion, Kenton.

Evil Levi: Volume Two - Mad Square’s favorite canine is taught the history and importance of voting, especially for Blacks in America, as well as some uncomfortable struggles the Black culture has experienced in American history.

The Murder Hornets: An Eye for an Eye! - There are people who believe they are above the law; that their privilege affords them the ability to do whatever they want to whomever they want. They believe they can rape, murder and terrorize the innocent because their privilege protects them. Now imagine an organization of vigilante assassins devoted to using extreme prejudice when the side of law and order fails to provide justice to the victims. Meet The Murder Hornets.

Nationhood: Volume Five: To Catch a Senator - After returning to Washington after his abduction in Los Angeles, Senator Thurgood Thomas begins exploring details about a mysterious monolith in Georgia that could offer clues to the true body of power his colleague, Senator Greene, alluded to. Meanwhile, Katura Ishtar is recovering from her near death ordeal, only to discover the people who killed her father and the ones who unleashed the deadly virus in A.U.N.K. could be one and the same. In order to get answers, she will need to team up with the one and only super spy of New Kemet, Mbaku Bolo!

Mad Tales of Erotica: Volume Eight: The Rebirth of Shana Clark – Just in time for Halloween! When the Lord of Darkness crosses paths with a young woman who’d been kidnapped and held as a sex slave, he changes her into a vampire so she will have the ability to protect herself. What happens next is an erotic romp that culminates into her becoming the sire of an ever-growing den of vampires!

F.A.T.H.E.R. - Earth’s Ultimate Army: Volume Five: Decimation - The Vul Paux has been resurrected and the body of Tartarus is his new vessel. The power of the Anti-God has been unleashed. Now faced with total oblivion, the valiant team of heroes makes their final stand against The Great Destroyer. Meanwhile, General Magnum, Doctor Angler, Olympus, The Kronyx and Vanifera come to grips with the fact they are now guests in Heaven and deal with the powerful group of celestials known as the Genesis Guild. What new fates await Earth’s Ultimate Army in the wake of the Vul Paux’s resurrection? The final moments of this epic confrontation await!

Soulless:: Volume Eleven – Risen - As Alan finishes up with an epic adult film shoot, a surprise attack is launched by the villainous Whither Jack in the form of Nightmare Sam. However, Alan will tap into his ever-growing vault of power and will soon realize he has only seen the tip of the iceberg as it relates to his abilities. Meanwhile, his father, Osiris, begins his transformation, making the ultimate sacrifice for his son to ascend to power. What will his act do to Alan as he grows ever closer to becoming The One at the End of All Things!

The Unbegotten: Volume Six – The Trials of Vanifera - After witnessing the death of the police officer possessed by the Contravexus in order to attack her family, Vanifera finds herself looking for refuge and ultimately finds her way back home. However, after the horrific sights she's seen, can she bring herself to ever enter the house where she, Chloe and Angelo once lived? Things get even worse when an unexpected and evil visitor arrives to give her a proposition. Will she take it, or will she continue to fight against the beings who strive to unleash her killing nature?

Planet Hell - Volume Two: The Mar-Mars - Is Hell really a place or can it be a state of mind? Or, is it both? These are the questions Mitch Martin must answer as he deals with the demons both inside his mind and out. Meet the Mar-Mars, cute and cuddly creatures whom you'd love nothing more than to snuggle up with. But be careful. They are the vilest little creatures Mitch's mind could come up with. And if that weren't enough, he receives a visit from members of The Council, who have a few questions for Gehenna's most famous radio personality about the recent murder that took place. The madness never ends in the world known as Planet Hell!

Alan Powers Afterhours: Volume Ten - When Christmas time comes, there is nothing more fulfilling than sharing the holidays with the ones you love. But, in Alan Powers' world, if you don't have someone to love, then you have to love the ones you're with...and in this case those someones are in the form of Shavona and Nia. As the girls spread their Christmas cheer, there will be no silent night because Santa won't be the only one coming tonight! It's great erotic, holiday fun as only Alan Powers can bring!

Alan Powers Afterhours: Volume Eleven - After returning from her trip to New York, Chanel Queen has but one thing on her mind…spending time with her favorite lover and adult entertainment co-star, Alan Powers.

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