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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

In the socialist dystopian version of America, walled cities separate the citizens from the Gypsies; those who choose not to live amongst the controlled and protected populace of the republic. Unfortunately, freedom comes with a price. In order to survive outside the walls of the Sterile Cities, you sometimes have to do things that are dangerous and taboo. Meet Kitty, a prostitute who is the lifeline that allows the Gypsies close to her a modicum of respect. Through her, many of the Gypsies are able to conduct business that allows them to have a somewhat decent life. But, the Sterile City of Portland has a dirty secret. Mayor Elka Weinhauer is Kitty's benefactor and when the mayor calls, Kitty had better answer, otherwise the sacrifices she will make will test her soul and threaten her life!

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