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Mocha Heat

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Sometimes we think we know what we want in a significant other, only to find out that what we want isn’t what we need. What do you do when your perfect match looks nothing like the one you dreamed of having? Meet Stacey, a young woman who was out to have fun with her girlfriends. When an unfortunate incident occurs, an unlikely hero comes to her rescue. Will he ultimately become the one she needs to find true happiness?

Mocha Heat is Mad Square Enterprises' first romance graphic novel. This is also the first product of ours to combine the written text of a novel with 3D illustrations. This combination is sure to provide more depth to this fun and fantastic tale. Filled with drama, intrigue, twists, suspense and romance, Mocha Heat is sure to become a welcomed addition to your graphic novel collection. Pick up your copy today and prepare to feel the HEAT!

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