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NATIONHOOD - A daring examination of racial issues impacting Black Americans!

There have been a lot of articles, stories, movies and television shows about the ills of racism and the impact it has had on Black Americans. Mad Square Enterprises' webcomic; NATIONHOOD, looks at a world where racism forces Blacks to establish a new country in Africa and claim absolute freedom. However, in VOLUME FOUR; IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT, the story takes a very strong and uneasy look at the racism existing within the international Black community. In a tense scene between two characters, Senator Elijah Pollins and Reverend Mohammad Aziz, a discussion erupts that sheds light on some of the issues and views of native Africans and Black Americans. Additionally, in Volume Three; TWO MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT, the story goes into some insightful, internal perspectives plaguing Black Americans. So far, the comic consists of four volumes with the main character, Mbaku Bolo, attempting to prevent his country from being dragged into another world war. The story is being converted into comic format based on the original self-published novel of the same name. Be sure to pick up all four volumes and the novel of this absolutely powerful story!

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