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Sometimes, the only way to change the world is to go MAD!

So much has happened since the start of 2020. We’ve experienced things many of us never thought we’d ever see in our lifetime. From pandemics to social unrest to modifying social interactions, we can all conclude that one thing is certain…There’s no going back to the way things used to be! Too much has happened! Too much has changed! A new world and a new normal has arrived and if we intend to make things better, we have to embrace the MADNESS!!

Mad Square strives to provide entertainment that rips away the deceptive fabric of what we perceive to be reality and reveal the raw and often uncomfortable possibilities lying beneath the surface. Our goal is to build a publishing and production company that provides non-mainstream entertainment that doesn’t cater to the stereotypical trends many mainstream venues tend to promote. Much of what has happened in the world has been touched on in our products. The social unrest brought about by the unfair treatment in our justice system, the truth behind mainstream faith, the acknowledgement of extraterrestrial life and their impacts on humanity and much more. These make up the foundation that we’ve long believed will build new insight about the world around us and give many people the incentive to make the changes necessary to create a world devoid of injustice, ignorance and inequality.

To that point, we’ve been working hard during the quarantine period to come up with ideas and stories to help many deal with the new world being born before our eyes. We firmly believe it is our duty to entertain, empower, enlighten and encourage, and with the release of our new products, along with our existing line of stories, we are fulfilling that responsibility. We encourage everyone to visit our website and check out the comics, illustrate novels, music and artwork already available. We also encourage each of you to support our efforts in building a company the dares to be different. Join the revolution! Embrace the MADNESS!

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