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We've seen shows that speculate what would happen if the Messiah returned to earth. The theories range from absolute worship to assassination attempts. Mad Square Enterprises has taken a different approach and posed the question, what would happen if The Creator had a daughter? The Bible mentions an "only begotten son", but it never mentioned an "only begotten child".

What would be her purpose? What trials would she face? What new enemy lurks in the shadows waiting to do her harm?

Taken from a five book series written by James "Mad Square" Gordon in 1998, The Unbegotten is an intriguing look into the world of the supernatural through the life of Vanifera Ramone, a young woman struggling to understand who she is and why her life has been turned upside down. Volume Five is the latest in the comic book series and touches on issues dealing with religion and social injustice.

The Unbegotten: Volume 5 - Turning Point - After a possessed police officer shoots Angelo in his own home, his sights turn to Vanifera who is forced to come face to face with pure evil. The stakes are raised and she soon learns that she can no longer avoid the Contravexus, the field general of the Anti-God called the Vul Paux. Will Angelo survive? What will Vanifera do when she confronts the man who attacked her family?

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