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Imagine a world where sex is never looked at as something terrible or bad…where the act of making love or making someone feel good through sexual means is seen as the ultimate act of honor and compassion. Regardless whether you’re male or female, a world where being upfront about your desires or voicing your appreciation for someone’s efforts to beautify themselves is the ultimate expression of truth... where being grateful you are the object of someone’s affections or exploring someone’s talent to satisfy their lovers without the air of disgust or disdain could be a thing of beauty. Sadly, that might not be the world most of us live in, but it is for the people in Mad Square’s erotic universe of Alan Powers. In this world, sex isn’t something taboo. There’s no need for stories or lies or tricks. In this world, if you want to have sex, you simply have it without judgment, retribution or ridicule…the way it was intended to  be!  And  that  is  the  premise  of  Afterhours!


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