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In this episode of the hugely erotic life of Alan Powers, we peek in on a scene from the SOULLESS storyline where Alan attempts to assist some of the women impacted by the string of murders taking place in Las Vegas. Someone has been killing pimps…gruesomely! In the wake of this violence, many women have been left without a safe way to conduct business. Most of these women have worked with Autumn Blaze, Alan’s friend, and now find themselves fearing for their lives. Seeing that these women’s livelihood and well-being are being impacted, Alan purchases a lavish mansion and offers it as a place of refuge for them to live and conduct their business. Grateful for his assistance, Autumn Blaze invites her chief rival to the mansion in order to bury the hatchet…the amazing Kitty Klawz. Will these two badass females give Alan an evening he won’t soon forget? Let’s find out as we dive into this delicious edition of Alan Powers Afterhours!


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